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BandRich and Stelera Wireless Launch AWS Band HSDPA Data Modem in United States
Taipei, Taiwan, ??BandRich Inc., and Stelera Wireless announced the launch of BandLuxe® /Stelera Wireless C105 AWS Band (1700/2100MHz) HSDPA data modem in the United States. The customers in the United States can now enjoy simple and fast speed mobile broadband service up to 7.2Mbps in the downlink, with Stelera Wireless's high quality HSPA network via the C105 data modem.

The BandLuxe® /Stelera Wireless C105 is the leading HSDPA data modem which supports AWS band (uplink 1700MHz, downlink 2100MHz). It is designed for ExpressCard/34 interface with optional USB and PCMCIA adaptors to support both desktop and laptop computers. With data rate up to 7.2Mbps and ease of use, the C105 HSDPA data modem fits perfectly with Stelera Wireless's HSPA network to provide secure, robust high speed data connection.

Ed Evans, Stelera Wireless CEO explains, " Stelera is unique in that we are deploying a wireless network that is purely focused on broadband services. Plenty of carriers are offering voice services and some data services, but we have built a network optimized for the broadband experience. "

According to Evans, Stelera chose HSPA technology over WiMax to lead with world class technology. " There are thousands of carriers around the world using GSM technology today. The availability of network elements and consumer devices today drove our technology selection. We believe the GSM carriers will continue to advance our technology and keep us in front of other competing technologies, " said Evans.

" BandRich is very pleased to work with Stelera Wireless in providing such a high speed mobile broadband experience in the United States, " said Dr. Wen-Yi Kuo, co-founder and CEO of BandRich. " With this new spectrum (AWS band) activated in services, it is our great honor to provide the key device in facilitating the mobile broadband services to customers. "

The user-friendly design of the C105 facilitates a CD-free installation process. End users simply connect the data modem to their computer and are just clicks away from enjoying mobile high-speed data connection. The operator connection settings are automatically configured via recognizing the USIM inserted.

The BandLuxe® /Stelera Wireless C105 is certified by Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL), and supports laptops or desktops with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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About Stelera Wireless

Stelera Wireless is a leader in the technology of broadband services for rural markets. It is committed to providing customers with the latest and most robust technology to provide the fastest data speeds available.

Stelera Wireless owns 42 licenses to cover approximately 6 million people in 9 states and 300 cities across the United States, and is dedicated to provide superior services to each area. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Stelera Wireless is a privately held company. For more information on Stelera Wireless products and services, visit

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BandRich Inc. is an ISO9001 certified company that focuses on providing innovative wireless solutions in 3G UMTS and 3.5G HSDPA/HSUPA mobile products. With strong engineering, manufacturing, and quality control capabilities, BandRich offers customers cost-effective and competitive products, as well as product service and support coverage.

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