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Innovative HSPA Automated Network Optimization Solution Launched by BandRich
Taipei, Taiwan, – BandRich Inc. today announces the launch of BandLuxe® FieldPerfect network optimization solution. This innovative network measurement solution improves the operation efficiency of traditional performance measurement method and brings significant OPEX saving for operators.

With data traffic edging toward exponential growth, effective data network optimization is now in the main agenda of mobile operators’ operation. BandLuxe® FieldPerfect is designed to address this issue by automated end-to-end performance measurement from customer perception perspective. With this automated mobile network testing tool, operators can run unattended, non-stop performance monitoring of HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, and GSM network to ensure customer satisfaction and churn reduction.

Key components of BandLuxe FieldPerfect solution :
  • Remote units that perform field measurement according to flexible scripts.
  • Server solution for unit status monitoring and database of measurement logs
  • PC client software for unit administration and remote control Over-the-Air

With the introduction of innovative remote control functions, mobile operators can control and monitor multiple devices remotely from their comfort office desk through BandLuxe FieldPerfect Server Solution. Through intelligent measurement data filtering, the network issues and capacity bottlenecks can be identified in real time with minimum efforts.

Major Benefits of FieldPerfect:
  • Innovative remote control functions allowing operator OPEX saving
  • True customer perception data collection for E2E Network QoS survey
  • Leveraging public vehicles to detect real network performance with minimum engineering efforts
  • Intelligent measurement data filtering for real time network problem detection

FieldPerfect is designed for multipurpose network optimization solution. Besides automated regular network quality measurement, mobile operators can leverage the innovative features of FieldPerfect for competitor benchmarking, network diagnose manual drive testing, and pilot scanning for network planning, etc. It's ensured that ROI of CAPEX/OPEX investments is maximized with BandLuxeR FieldPerfect total solution.

About BandRich Inc. BandRich Inc. is an ISO9001 certified company that focuses on providing innovative wireless solutions in 3G UMTS and 3.5G HSDPA/HSUPA mobile products. With strong engineering, manufacturing, and quality control capabilities, BandRich offers customers cost-effective and competitive products, as well as product service and support coverage

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